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Siberian cattery (St.Petersburg, Russia)

Welcome to website of genuine Siberian cattery from St.Petersburg – L'Etoile d'Amur (Zvezda Amura in Russian). Our cattery was registered in 2010 and has become one of the famous Siberian catteries since. Our cats have got highest FIFe titles and a lot of victories on international cat shows in different countries, our offsprings live in Russia and Europe. If you really love Siberian cats or looking for Siberian kittens and you are ready to share your life with these amazing animals – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are pleased to introduce our cats:
Best Siberian female in Russia according to FIFe national rating of the year 2012 – Supreme Champion FIFe Selena Knyaz Gvidon*RU (Best in Variety x2, Best in Show Nomination x8, Best in Show adult x2), blue tortie mackerel tabby whith white (SIB g 09 23), DOB 07.08.2008 (sire – Champion FIFe Puaro Knyaz Gvidon*RU, dame – International Champion FIFe Danaja Knyaz Gvidon*RU):

Selena_1 Selena_2 Selena_12

(To see more photos of Selena – click here)

Our males:
Cat Number One in Russia according to FIFe national rating of the year 2012 – National Winner, Supreme Premier FIFe Tereck Knyaz Gvidon*RU, DSM (Best in Show Nomination x24, Best Opposite Sex neuter x1, Best in Show neuter x14), black mackerel tabby whith white (SIB n 09 23), DOB 10.08.2008 (sire – Grand International Champion FIFe Milord Knyaz Gvidon*RU, dame – Champion FIFe Sharon Knyaz Gvidon*RU):

Tereck_1 Tereck_2

(To see more photos of Tereck – click here)

International Champion FIFe Samson-Timange Fialka*RU (Best in Variety x3, Best in Show Nomination x2, Best in Show kitten x1), blue classic tabby (SIB a 22), DOB 07.07.2010 (sire – European Champion FIFe (WCH WCF) Jonathan-Timange, dame – European Champion FIFe Veilchen Prinzessin):

Samson_3 Samson_5

(To see more photos of Samson – click here)

The youngest Siberian female – Supreme Champion FIFe in Russia Anyutiny Glazki L'Etoile d'Amur*RU (Best in Variety x1, Best in Show Nomination x3), blue tortie classic tabby (SIB g 22), DOB 08.06.2011 (sire – International Champion FIFe Samson-Timange Fialka*RU, dame – Supreme Champion FIFe Selena Knyaz Gvidon*RU):

Glazki_19 Glazki_20

(To see more photos of Anyutiny Glazki – click here)

And our rising star, best kitten of the largest cat show in the world "Grand Prix Royal Canin – 2013", best Siberian cat in Russia according to FIFe national rating of the year 2014 – National Winner, Supreme Champion FIFe Chkalov L'Etoile d'Amur*RU, DVM (Best in Variety x11, Best in Show Nomination x22, Best in Show kitten x2, Best in Show adult x1), black classic tabby (SIB n 22), DOB 22.08.2013 (sire – National Winner, Supreme Champion FIFe (WCH WCF, RW, SGC TICA, GCH CFA) Blue Topaz Relax, DVM, dame – Supreme Champion FIFe Anyutiny Glazki L'Etoile d'Amur*RU):

Chkalov_28 Chkalov_29

(To see more photos of Chkalov – click here)

As our web site is under construction now you can see other information in Russian only. However later when absolutely new web site will be made (as we hope) all materials will be available in English also.

With best regards,
Anton Plakhotin

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